Ultrasound and Imaging

Ultrasound and imaging are an integral part of prenatal care.  The information obtained by an experienced physician is valuable in providing the most comprehensive management for your pregnancy.

Who should perform your ultrasound?  Typically an ultrasound technician who is certified and supervised can perform the actual ultrasound.  After that the ultrasound can be reviewed and interpreted by a physician with special training such as a Perinatologist (High risk Obstetrician) or a Radiologist.  Many times, the physician will actually sit and perform the ultrasound to obtain additional images.  Any place performing an ultrasound should have some certification such as with the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine, or the American College of Radiology.  Any physician interpreting your ultrasound should be able to show special training or knowledge in reading ultrasounds.  Fetal imaging is complicated and you should request the best.